Teaching Philosophy

I believe that all students can create art, and I create lessons and projects that allow for the individual success of all students. I use Authentic Assessment to gauge progress and achievement, as I feel that is the best way to assess student work in an art classroom. And this provides me with the tools and information that I need to tailor lessons and projects to a wide variety of artistic abilities and needs.

I believe that effective classroom management is vital to student success. I believe in constructively guided discipline and in teaching students how to behave responsibly. I believe in fostering student self-control, and in setting limits, providing incentives, and also in logical consequences.

I also feel that art students need to stay in step with technology in the digital age. I am highly proficient with computers, the Internet, digital photography, photo editing, and digital art. I have my own websites and blogs, and I’m very familiar with HTML. I have always tried to incorporate Internet and computer-based technology into my classroom learning goals, and I would continue to do so if the technology is available to me in the classroom. I don’t think computer-based art should replace hands-on, traditional art and activities, but I do think it’s important that students be exposed to all forms of art and art media, whether it involves paintbrushes, paper, iPads, or computers.

I feel that the key to improving student achievement lies in providing motivation for students to learn. Students need to feel connected to what they’re learning and doing in the classroom; so in working to foster that motivation we can, in turn, improve their achievement in any subject area. I also believe that Art can be integrated with other subjects as a means of bridging academic objectives, and vice-versa.

Ultimately, my goal for my students is that they all feel successful, no matter what their skill level or ability. And I do my utmost every day to ensure that all of my students meet their full artistic potential, and that they feel successful no matter what they do.