The following two collage images feature student artwork from projects I have done with my students. The first collage gallery features two-dimensional art--all types of drawing, painting, and printmaking. There is art inspired by the Mona Lisa, American Gothic, Picasso, nature, animals, the Element of Line, realism, abstract, and non-objective art.

The second collage gallery features three-dimensional art using a variety of media and materials. Our Packing Tape People were always a huge hit at the annual art show; students also created ceramic goblets, coil pots, Red Grooms city-scapes, over sized sculptures a la Claes Oldengurg. cube environments, functional three-layer mazes, abstract relief pieces, clay masks, clay boxes and vases made from strips of slab clay.

Click on the images to view them full size.

Drawing and Painting Gallery

3D Art Gallery