About Me

Tina Grimes

My love of Art and all things creative came long before I ever became a teacher. I always loved creating when I was little; I was the little girl who was constantly drawing pictures for her mom, and who couldn't wait to get to Art class in school. It was that passion for Art and the desire to share it that led me into teaching.

I went to college late though, not beginning at Defiance College until 1994, the same day my daughter began the fourth grade. After a series of dead-end jobs that left me unfulfilled, and feeling the need to do something with my creative skills, I decided to go back to school. I knew I would study Art, but it was my mother who suggested that I teach. In the moment she said that a light bulb went off in my head and it was almost as if I'd been awakened from a long sleep. Be an Art Teacher? Why hadn't I thought of that before! It was the perfect way to combine my love of Art with my love of children, and the desire to ignite some creative fires in young minds. 

Thus began my journey into teaching in 1998. I taught for almost a decade, and it's really hard to say whether it was my students or myself that learned the most during that time. After all, we should always strive to continue learning, right? I took great pride in what I did as a teacher and I gave more than 100% while teaching. And I loved working with children and young people and seeing them grow as artists and as people. Outside of being a wife and mother, there was nothing more fulfilling.

That being said, life led me to leave teaching in 2007, and it was a very emotional decision for me. I left to help my husband run his business--help that he really needed and that was in our best interest for me to provide--and to pursue some other personal and professional goals. But it didn't take very long for me to realize that a part of me was missing in the years since, and that part of me is in the classroom. And so I began my journey back into education, as I actively seek a teaching position once again.

In the mean time I have continued to pursue my craft and hone my skills. I have taught myself digital art, dived into Mixed Media--something I'd never done before--and even learned how to build websites and blogs in my time away from teaching (check out my art blog, Art Chick Studio, via the link at the top of the page). I am in my studio as much as possible, always trying new things, and anxiously awaiting my chance to return to the classroom to share my knowledge, and my passion for everything Art.